I moderated #hcsmca & survived

My post this week is a guest spot on my first stint at moderating the #hcscma chat. Thank you Colleen for letting me share my experience with your readers!

Colleen Young

The #hcsmca community grows and grows richer through our practice of rotating moderators. First time moderator Alaina Cyr shares her experience.

By Alaina Cyr

picture of guest blogger Alaina CyrOn Wednesday, January 18, I had my first go at moderating the #hcsmca chat (transcript). Even though the community has never been anything but kind, the minutes leading up to the chat had me biting my nails. Sure, I may be a regular participant, and I may have even tweeted and retweeted many of the community members, but leading the group discussion put me front and centre; after all, if the spotlight is on any one person during our weekly chats, it’s on the moderator. I knew I had nothing to worry about – the community is so warm and welcoming – but there’s just no reasoning with nerves!

So in the minutes leading up to the chat, I reviewed the topics, prepared my…

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