#hcsmca’s 2-year report card – Infographic

Last week I wrote a guest post on Colleen Young’s blog about the evolution of the #hcsmca community over the past 2 years. Here is the post and the infograph I created to show off our growth.

Colleen Young

Presenting #hcsmca’s 2-year report card. Thank you Alaina Cyr for creating yet another beautiful infographic. And don’t forget to read her commentary below and add your thoughts and interpretations. What a community!

2 year infographic

By Alaina Cyr (@AlainaBCyr) 

It’s my pleasure to share with you #hcsmca’s 2-year report card!

Like the 6-month and 18-month report cards that came before, this infograph shows how the #hcsmca community has grown since September 29, 2010. But what I find most meaningful in this report card is how the history and identity of our community shines through between the graphs and numbers.

As I look over the familiar faces of those daring souls who’ve moderated a chat, I see representation from throughout the spectrum of healthcare. Like our community as a whole, the moderators are patients, caregivers, students, researchers, communicators, developers, nurses, doctors, representatives from medical practices, non-profit organizations and, often times, several of these at once…

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