Algebra & Geometry

Since finishing my first semester of school, I’ve been reading a lot of non-fiction. One book I’ve picked up is Sir Ken Robinson’s Finding Your Element.

I saw Ken Robinson speak at Health Achieve back in early November and I knew I needed to read his book. A few times a year I spend some time reflecting on my life – where I am, where I want to go – and it seemed like the holiday break was the perfect time to do this. My work life has been evolving, I’ve been thinking about my thesis topic for school, and on a personal level, I’m not sure what my next target is. Finding Your Element sounded like the perfect guide. I started reading it 2 days ago.

In the midst of some book-prompted self-reflection on what I am good at and what I enjoy, a phrase popped into my head and would not leave: “algebra and geometry”.

You might not guess it based on where I am today, but math was my favourite subject in school. Most students dreaded trigonometry, but the challenge energized me. I loved it. I still find excuses to use math every day. In the time it takes most people to pull out a calculator, I’ll have divvied up the restaurant tab or calculated the tip in my head. I’ll use fractions to divide up ingredients so each sandwich is equal.

I love math, but I think the words “algebra and geometry” resonate with me as concepts, not simply their application to math.

  • Algebra: finding a solution using a set of given variables.
  • Geometry: understanding relationships between different points.

I’ve only begun to scratch the surface – I’m only 50 pages into the book – but I have already realized some things about myself that I didn’t consciously know before. I wonder what other insights I’ll discover as I read through more?

Chicken scratches from my notebook as I reflected on things that come easy to me.
Chicken scratches from my notebook as I reflected on things that come easy to me.

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