Alaina Cyr: Puzzle Solver

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I’ve been reading Ken Robinson’s “Finding Your Element”. Every so often I find myself wondering where I want to go next and reflecting on where I am now. Seems that I’m in one of those phases right now.

Today my reflections led me to confirm that I’m a problem-solver; I take great pleasure in putting the pieces together, both figuratively and literally, to find a solution. I gravitate to these challenges in my professional and personal life. I get so much enjoyment out of asking “How can I do this (better)?”, then seeking out and evaluating ideas and eventually picking the best one.

I am in my element when I’m solving puzzles, from finding the right pieces to putting them together.

I see it in all aspects of my life. Cutting and stitching together fabric to make a beautiful quilt. Organizing my kitchen cupboards to make everything easy to find and accessible. Figuring out processes to help my colleagues and I deliver quality work more reliably and efficiently. Taking ideas from a range of other disciplines and applying them to health care and social media. These are the things that make time stop and fly by at the same time. These are the things that push me forward, even when I’m otherwise exhausted.

3 thoughts on “Alaina Cyr: Puzzle Solver

    • Hi Marie! Thanks for the encouragement! Yes, this is exactly my motivation for “finding my element”. I’ve been feeling like I’ve been driving around aimlessly for the last little while, which is fine to do every now and then. But it’s feeling like now’s the time to figure out at least what direction I want to head in.

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