Why do you tweet about your health? [research study]

I am looking to interview people living with advanced, metastatic, stage IV or chronic cancer who use Twitter to talk, listen, learn, and/or share updates about their health. Please share a link to this post on your Twitter, Facebook, or blog accounts.


Under the supervision of Dr. David Wiljer, this study aims to explore Twitter use among people living with metastatic, advanced, and chronic cancers, and what that means in the lives of those living with a diagnosis.

This study is being conducted by Alaina Cyr to complete a thesis as part of the requirements for earning a master’s degree in Health Services Research at the Institute for Health Policy, Management, & Evaluation at the University of Toronto.

Update: Data collection has ended for this project and I am now finishing my analysis. Please contact me at alaina.cyr@mail.utoronto.ca if you are interested in learning more about this study or if you’d like to be contacted when the final analysis is complete.


This research study was reviewed and approved by the Research Ethics Board at the University of Toronto.

To prevent disclosure of personal information, please note that comments must be approved before they appear below.

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