When Something Is Wrong with My Forum

Two weeks ago I began reflecting on my experience with online communities in the form of forums.  I looked at the places that had me hooked for years and although they were full of friends and sustained a following during their lifespan, these two forums were technically unsuccessful.  The common interest that had attracted us to the community virtually disappeared as soon as you walked through the door (so to speak).Read More »

What Would the Community Think

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of having lunch with Colleen Young.  During our conversation Colleen mentioned a website I might be interested in called FeverBee.com, a site that has an extensive collection of articles on building and sustaining an online community.  When I got back to my desk I loaded up the site.  Within ten seconds I was hooked; with bite-sized posts titled “Why People Aren’t Joining Your Online Community“, how could I not be?  I printed off at least a dozen articles right off the bat so I could read them on the subway and take notes.Read More »